Overview on Gate Systems & Parts

Set A

Single Gate System without

panic bar & without alarm

Our smallest Set A is available at a low-cost rental fee and is suitable for small and short term gates without alarm system and without panic bar.

Set B

Single Gate System with

Panic bar & alarm system

Set B includes panic bar, door fitting assembly for outside opening and alarm system. 

Set B is designed for short but also tough long term installations; for both inside and outside usage.

Set C

Dual Gate System with

panic bar & alarm system

Dual Gate Set C with up to 

7m gate width meets even the highest expectations by allowing enough space for through-going traffic.

Gate Width: Set A & B:  1,2m - 3,5m     |     Set C: 2,4m - 7,0m

Structural analysis (reach-through protector has to be removed at wind speeds higher than wind force 6) as well as fire protection certificates (materials min. B1 flame-retardant) are available.


Calculation of necessary gate width based on max. number of participants as per German "MVStättVO" regulation: Please bear in mind that gates are 3,5m wide, but are counted as just 3m due to the "MVStättVO" Regulation allowing only steps of 0.60 m (5 x 60cm):
* 1.500 participants at outdoor events or in sports stadiums (1,2m for 600 participants)
* 500 participants in other places of public assembly (1,2m for 200 participants)
* Dual gate = 7m width: 3.300 participants outdoor or 1.100 participants indoor
 Please note that other legal regulations may apply at your point of installation.


Day and also in darkness/ at night with permanent lighting/
Safety lighting: summer and winter usage possible up to -10°C


Statutory Requirements:
The gate systems fulfil the legal requirements regarding:
Doors: „...need to open easily and in full width at any time.“ §9 (3) MVStättVO
Identification: „Exits and emergency routes have to be marked with permanent safety signs that are clearly visible.“ §6 (6) MVStättVO


Overview on Components

1 + 1.2

Panic Bar

  • without alarm unit (1),
  • with alarm unit on battery power (1.2)
  • Firmly secured to fence gate
  • Outside opening
  • Hardware with or without key
  • 1 belt strap as mounting support
  • Incl. 6 special split screws
  • 100 cable ties
  • 1 key incl. lanyard




Reach-Through Protection Set

  • Prevents reach-through
  • protects panic bar against manipulation from the outside
  • Please pay attention to wind load instructions!
  • Installation with cable ties (100 pc incl.) 




  • smooth and easy rolling wheel due to special axis positioning
  • Special axis also ensures that wheel never gets stuck on uneven terrain
  • Stabilizes construction fence
  • Suitable for 3.5 m construction fence
  • Solid rubber, galvanized steel 


6 + 6a

Sign Fixation

  • Aluminium pole system for insertion into construction fence (vertical pole)
  • Suitable for sign dimension: 

         60cm (width) x 30cm (height)

  • Clear opening from sign to floor ca. 2.5 m
  • Lateral support of construction fence necessary
  • High visibilty of sign above peoples head!  

6a: hinge adapter for dual gate




Emergency Sign

  • weatherproof arrow down sign
  • laminated on one side
  • Material: Alu-Dibond, with corner holes
  • Viewing distance up to 30 m (as per German Safety Regulation ASR A1.3)
  • Including installation material: 2 chains with 2 spare chain links to secure to post 

Emergency sign lamp available upon request




Pole Fixation Plate

  • Securely fastens the construction fence to the ground
  • Allows adjustment of height and alignment of gate on uneven terrain
  • Mounted with 2 pegs or 2 stone blocks



Gate Hinge

  • Secures the usually insufficient hinge Connection (hooks & eyes) by means of a solid pole connection.
  • Incl. chain and spare chain link
  • Material: steel
  • Double gate hinge fixture see number 6




Fence Screen - opening element

  • Printed, flame retardant screen to be used as pushing are when opening construction fence gate
  • Fixation to fence by cable tie
  • Recommendation: sealing with Security Seal



Security Seal

  • Weatherproof sign
  • Avoids unauthorized use of gate
  • Security Seal will be destroyed when gate is opened with force or when the red emergency cord is pulled
  • Material: laminated paper foil
  • Usage: fixation around poles
  • Single-use/disposable


12 + 12a

Construction Fence Support

  • Stabilizes and levels the upright construction fence element that is holding the emergency sign
  • Packaging 1.2 m long
  • With 1 doughty hook (TÜV approved)
  • Aluminium
  • Mounted to floor either by floor peg or by a floor plate with stone blocks on top



Split Screw

  • Ensures vandalism safe and fire-resistant connection of the panic bar to the construction fence
  • Connection through overlaying wires 



Transport Box

  • Closed wooden box on pallet,
  • Size 64 x 84cm, 1.25m high 
  • With compartments for the respective gate components
  • 3-8 gate systems can be packed into one box (depending on gate version)