Construction Fence Gate - Overview Sets

Our add-on parts are suitable for door openings from 1.20 meters (Set B) up to 6.70 meters (Set C).

This allows you to create an opening in your mobile enclosure at any time for personnel passages in continuous operation, as an emergency escape route as well as a supplier or backstage door.

With our different closure options - both for right- & left-opening - we offer the right door for every event.

left:            Security Seal - Cost-effective, simple installation, no key necessary.

middle:       Panic Bar - lockable from the inside and outside, with acoustic alarm, clearly visible when escaping

right:          Door Knob - lockable from the inside and outside, without alarm, simple installation

Depending on your need & location, you can choose between different alarm levels.

An acoustic alarm is built into the panic push bar. In addition, however, you can order an acoustic as well as an optical overhead alarm for each set. 

When you know which emergency exit system you need, the only decision missing is "rent" or "buy".

Renting allows you to secure your premises without any large investments.

For long-term rentals ( starting from the 7th month) we offer discounts in different scales up to 60%.

Please Note:

  • Gate widths:     Set A & B: 1.2m - 3.5m | Set C: 2.4m - 6.7m
  • The construction fence gate can be set up with a door opening to the right or left as required.
  • The gate is also designed for very high wind loads (10Bft). Depending on the wind direction and location, the two tarpaulins should be removed at wind force 8 if the wind pressure becomes too high.
  • The construction fence gate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof up to -20°C).
  • Our add-on parts can be installed with most commercially available construction fences and reliably close the gate.
  • Parts do not have to be inserted into tubes, but are placed over the corners of the fence.
  • Fire protection certificates Materials min. B1 flame retardant
  • In Germany max. permissible number of persons according to MVStättVO (Muster-Versammlungsstättenverordnung) with a 3.5 m wide construction fence door, with 3.5 m door width allowance, 1.2m and 2.3m in cm increments:

* 1,750 persons outdoors and in sports stadiums (1.2m 600 pers. + 2.3m 1150 pers.)

* 583 persons in other places of assembly (1.2m 200 pers. + 2.3m 383 pers.)

* Double gate with 6.7m gate width 3,350 outside or 1,116 persons in building

(With 0.6m step calculation results in 6.6m double gate and 3m for single gate)

  • Door fulfils legal requirements according to §9 (3) MVStättVO (MVStättVO) (doors: "must be able to be opened easily and to their full width at all times") and §6 (6) MVStättVO (marking: "exits and escape routes must be permanently and visibly marked by safety signs").
  • Fulfils the requirements of the ASR (Technical rules for workplace) and building regulations (BO).

Please check on valid legal situation at your place of application.