Since the first fence system was brought on the market in 2003 we have equipped many prestige events, some are listed below for your reference.

Due to further improvement of the fence system in 2013-2014 not only the rental rates but also the transport volume & weight could be lowered, and thus our construction fence gates are now used regularly e.g. at various types of events, on construction sites and for other industry applications.


Plattenparty Zirgesheim (2004-2006)

Juraball Augsburg (2008)
Siemens Public Viewing in Munich during the World Cup (2010)

1000Funkel Dresden
Eurocopter Deutschland (2012)

Construction site Bikini Berlin (2013/2014)
Fairform for the German House at the Winter Olympics (2014)
Public Viewing Airport Munich (2014)

Fa. Gundlach f. Novartis (2014)

Horticultural Show in Mühlacker (2015)

VW Fraport Arena (2015) for IH Security

and many more