The Construction Fence Gate - Modular - Easy - Secure

The VABEG construction fence gate has been designed to make indoor and outdoor events safer for 20 years now with simple add-on parts for mobile enclosures.

Inventor Michael Öhlhorn (owner of VABEG Eventsafety Deutschland GmbH) has taken advantage of the quiet pandemic period to meet the various customer requests and also his own development aspirations and has developed a further stage of the construction fence gate - the VABEG construction fence gate latch and the VABEG corner module.

Both add-on parts make the assembly easier and more functional. In addition, this further development means that the rental/purchase prices of the emergency exit system can be offered at a better price.


Advantages of the VABEG Construction Fence Gate

  • Locked from the outside (or key opening, fire brigade access, fire brigade lock, knob).
  • Can be opened from the inside at any time (with/without alarm)
  • quick to set up
  • saves high personnel costs (no permanent guarding necessary)
  • no large investments due to rental options
  • compatible with almost all construction fence manufacturers
  • meets all legal requirements of occupational safety, building law and fire protection
  • ideal for industry, events, garden shows, building sites and accommodation
  • Escape route in case of emergency
  • Visitor gate for permanent operation
  • Can be used as supplier & backstage gate


Some impressions of our emergency exit system for construction fences

VABEG corner module as hinge and add-on - Corner module as post - Gate latch -


Tension cable attachment - New tarpaulin look - Reduced grids

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